I want you to have an inspiring career.
One that you enjoy and that you are proud of.

Inspiring Careers will help you identify, secure or develop the career that you want through one-to-one coaching or through one of our programmes. Everyone is different, so I will develop a bespoke programme for you, after understanding what you are looking to achieve in your career.

Whether you are looking for a complete career change, help with job searches or you are looking to secure a promotion, I can help you get there more quickly and successfully than going it alone.

If you would like to discuss how I can help you, starting with a free (and no pressure) consultation, please get in contact. I look forward to hearing from you.

Marcus Barber
Founder of Inspiring Careers

After graduating with a law degree I decided not to become a solicitor or barrister as I wanted to get straight into work. I fell into the recruitment industry and, for a number of years, I enjoyed my career. I helped hundreds of people change role and career though practical advice and informal coaching.

Nine years later, two big events triggered me to review my whole life and I realised that my salary and bonus weren’t the most important things to me any more. I wanted to be inspired by a meaningful career. I spent a lot of time understanding what was critical in my career and discovering what I wanted to make my life about. After working with a career coach, I changed careers completely. Shortly afterwards, I starting mentoring as a volunteer and training as a coach.

After studying with The Coaching Academy, the world’s largest training organisation of its kind, I founded Inspiring Careers. My aim is to help other people enjoy their careers more, because I know how much difference an inspiring career can make to your life. After all, most people spend more of their waking life at work than doing anything else.

Why settle for a role or a career that isn’t fulfilling or that you don’t enjoy?


When I contacted Marcus, I had just started forming my goal in my mind. I began to think that it is time for me to set up my own business and identified a couple of areas where I have knowledge/experience and that I was passionate about. As with any business, it is a big step and there are so many things to consider so I felt overwhelmed…

I felt that Marcus really entered my world at my own speed, with no pressure, allowing me to divide the goals into smaller portions, making it realistic and achievable. I really enjoyed working with Marcus and I have now launched my business! Thanks!

– Katherine

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