Before meeting Marcus I was a fresh graduate of IT and Business actively hunting for work, and running low on self-esteem from all the interview rejections. Marcus helped boost my interview confidence, by helping me realise my strengths and how to present them to possible employers.
We discussed in our sessions what I felt I could improve on and how I would improve them. From the sessions with Marcus, I was able to achieve all my realistic goals. I have now secured my first IT job and I’d like to thank Marcus for all his help!

– Jai M

When I contacted Marcus, I had just started forming my goal in my mind.  I began to think that it is time for me to set up my own business and identified a couple of areas where I have knowledge/experience and that I was passionate about.  As with any business, it is a big step and there are so many things to consider so I felt overwhelmed…
I felt that Marcus really entered my world at my own speed, with no pressure, allowing me to divide the goals into smaller portions, making it realistic and achievable.  I really enjoyed working with Marcus and I have now launched my business! Thanks!

– Katherine

The work with Marcus has been very useful and he adapted his methods to those that best suited me. Also, as we progressed, my goals changed and Marcus was very accommodating in working with me on what was most important to me in each session.
I feel that I have also made great progress in what I had set out to do. I have a lot more clarity about what I am working to achieve, so it was very useful and effective.

– Pav Shakti

The coaching sessions I’ve had with Marcus have allowed me the opportunity to consider what areas of my career development are important, and helped create practical actions which I have taken to address this development.
I found Marcus’s approach personable and supportive. I have developed my career aspirations and I am well on the way to where I want to be.

– James Dufty

During the period of the coaching I was making some important decisions about the future of my career. The sessions helped me to objectively assess my current job and gave me some excellent tools to think about what I wanted out of a career.
The sessions enabled me to think about career in a fuller way that I had previously – taking into account all aspects of my life. Talking through what I was hoping to achieve gave me the confidence to apply for a new internal position and my application was successful.

– Alexandra Smith

I have had the pleasure of being coached by Marcus for a set of six sessions. The impact that I have experienced over this time frame has helped me look at and develop simple and effective steps to manage a very busy work schedule and personal situation.
When I started the sessions, I was feeling rather overwhelmed by my current work load (from a personal and professional angle), however, even after the first few sessions I found Marcus to be very good at helping me to think of simple and practical steps forward by getting me to explore many different options and breaking them down further into achievable goals on a weekly basis.

– Sam

Marcus has helped me to clarify my goals and devise a way forward. In our sessions we covered my career, as well as challenges in my personal life. Marcus has a methodical, thoughtful style and he really listens. He has enabled me to see what is important.
I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and benefited greatly from them. I would strongly recommend Marcus as a coach.

– Natalia Peters